Chef Maurice and the Rather Fishy Tale by J A Lang

Cover of Chef Maurice and the Rather Fishy TaleI first came across the Chef Maurice books when I was approached by their author, J A Lang, in Foyles, London at the Indie Author Fair in April. She gave me a quick elevator pitch for her work, presented me with a card and a lovely smile, and I thought “Why not?” – not least because I’m currently going through a bit of a cosy mystery craze, while working on one of my own.

Even better, I discovered when I went to check out her books online that she has set this story up as a free download, to whet the appetite for her longer, paid-for novels featuring French detective hero Chef Maurice.

Feeling sorry for myself with a toothache, and needing some fun comfort reading at the end of a busy day, I reached for this short story, enticed by the cover’s promise of humour and light intrigue. I quickly consumed this little appetiser for J A Lang’s novels about her detective hero Chef Maurice, and enjoyed his day at the seaside to solve a fishy mystery related to one his restaurant’s suppliers.

It’s pacy, funny and frothy, with some comical one-liner descriptions that made me laugh out loud, and for me it just hit the spot.

As a writer and reader of short stories myself, I really like this format, though they may not be everyone’s cup of cafe au lait, judging from some other reviewers. (Dissenters should remember that queen of cosy mystery Agatha Christie also wrote plenty of short stories.)

I’ll definitely want to read more about Chef Maurice, and to finding out more about his back story in the novels in which he’s featured.

PS I’ve just discovered this ebook is no longer available on Amazon, which is where I downloaded it from, but two novels featuring Chef Maurice are still there! Presumably taken down for some editing.

To find out more about J A Lang and her books, visit her website:


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