Worm in the Blossom by Susan Grossey

Cover of Worm in the Blossom by Susan Grossey

Third book in the Sam Plank mystery series

Worm in the Blossom by Susan Grossey is another cracking read in the Constable Sam Plank series, the third mystery to be solved by the dedicated Georgian policeman, supported by his indispensable and equally warm-hearted wife Martha, and his sidekick, Wilson.

One of the reasons this series is addictive is that it’s pleasant to spend time in the company of this engaging trio, whose strengths and weaknesses complement each other so well.

Susan Grossey not only paints a meticulous portrait of London in this era, she also makes the reader see it on its own terms, for example recognising which style of carriage is the equivalent to a 21st century sportscar, and what possessing one would say about its owner.

Cracking Down on the Worms

In this adventure, Plank uncovers a repugnant series of crimes including paedophilia, corruption in high office and blackmail. Though the crimes and the criminals are abhorrent, the author manages to make this an uplifting story overall, by enabling Plank and his associates to sow good among the evil, and paving the way for social reform – although, as with her previous novels, these historic crimes still regularly make news headlines today.

Adding Interest with the Blossoms

A particularly interesting touch with this book was to do with the contemporary interest in the language of flowers. I’ll say no more for fear of spoiling the plot, but it provided a fascinating extra layer to the plot, and made the chosen title all the more appropriate.

As with the previous books, this one is beautifully presented with a gorgeous cover and period interior that helps ease the reader into the age of the era.

In short, a very satisfying and agreeable read in an addictive series that would make a terrific Sunday evening television drama series. Looking forward to book 4 already, whenever the author can find time in her busy schedule, which includes cracking down on modern day crimes relating to money-laundering.

For more information about Susan Grossey, visit her blog: www.susangrossey.wordpress.com


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