Swimming with the Tide by Helen Baggott

Cover of Swimming with the Tide by Helen Baggott

Amazingly, the cover photo was taken just days after Helen Baggott’s operation

What a super book – a very upbeat, gently humorous, very personal account of one woman’s experience of breast cancer, and proof that it’s possible to deal with it, stay sane, and come out the other side healthy and smiling.

When I first saw the book, I thought “what a good idea to put such a lovely smiley photo of the author on the cover”, to sugar the pill of reading a book about cancer. I nearly fell off my chair when I discovered towards the end that this photo was taken just 10 days after her mastectomy, on her first proper outdoor walk (one of many tasks she’d set herself to do on her recovery).

A Must-Read for Anyone Affected by Breast Cancer

Anyone worried about breast cancer, whether for themselves or for a loved one, should read this book for reassurance and inspiration. Helen Baggott makes it clear that by “swimming with the tide” while sustaining a positive attitude, the big C needn’t be such a scary prospect after all. Yes, she’s been one of the lucky ones and is now in full remission – but we also create our own luck to a certain extent, in that she flagged up the symptoms early, was vigilant long term, and made sure she took full advantage of the appointments and treatments available.

The author is donating all royalties to Macmillan, the charity that funds breast care in the NHS, so if you’re still hesitating with your finger poised over the “buy now” button, go ahead and click it, knowing that you’ll be supporting a very worthy cause, and even, just looking at the cover brings reassurance – a picture of a strong survivor, implying “I can, and you can too.”

Bravo, Helen Baggott, and thank you.

Find out more about Helen Baggott, who is a professional editor as well as an author,  via her website: www.helenbaggott.co.uk


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