Watching Charlotte Bronte Die by Ellie Stevenson

Watching Charlotte Bronte Die cover

cover to get you in the mood for surreal suspense

Who could resist picking up a collection of short stories with such a provocative title?

Its promise of intrigue does not disappoint in this engaging mix of dark humour, magical realism and intelligent observation of the poignant lives of thwarted misfits whose spirits remain unquashable.

On the evidence of this collection, I’d say Ellie Stevenson is a versatile and sharp-witted writer, a chameleon flitting effortlessly between male and female first person voices (and sometimes third person), in a wide range of settings.

Each story is distinct and different, and, with great timing, keeps you waiting and guessing till the final twist and pay off.

An impressive and satisfying collection, and I hope there’ll be more to follow. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to trying her novels: Shadows of the Lost Child and Ship of Haunts.

I ought to mention, by the way, that it has been a pleasure to get to know Ellie as a Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival author, where she has taken part in talks and given readings. So if you’re a fan of the Festival, look out for her next time – I’m sure she’ll be back!

For more information about Ellie Stevenson and her work, you can keep up with her on Twitter at @stevensonauthor 


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