Lost and Found by Andrew Merton

Cover of Lost and Found

Well, I’m glad I found it!

As you may know, I also review books for Vine Leaves Literary Journal, devoted to an art form known as the vignette. This is a piece of writing small enough to fit on a vine leaf.

My brief as their book reviewer is to showcase good literary writing in any form or length. Priority is given to books by past contributors to Vine Leaves, and I also review books by their editorial team, of which the poet Andrew Merton is one. He is part of their poetry review team.

Headshot of Jessica Bell

Jessica Bell, author, poet, musician, publisher, and all-round wonderwoman

One of the special characteristics of Vine Leaves Literary Journal is that it is a truly global enterprise, founded by Jessica Bell, an Australian living in Greece, but shaped by other staff and writers from all over the world. This means I am unlikely ever to meet all those involved – Andrew Merton, forexample, is US-based – which helps me retain the necessary objectivity to write meaningful reviews.

It was therefore all the more surprising on starting to read Lost and Found that I felt like I was in the company of an old and treasured friend. It is a deceptively simple, poignant and often funny collection that even those who don’t usually read poetry will find highly accessible.

You can read my review in full over at Vine Leaves online – and while you’re there, you might like to skip around its website to seek out other literary treasures.

Here’s the link to my review of Lost and Found as your starting point.




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