How to Make Money as a Freelance Writer by John Lynch

Cover of How to Make Money as a Freelance Writer by John Lynch

A brilliant investment for any aspiring freelance writer

I first came across John Lynch via the Alliance of Independent Authors, have met him a number of times at events and writing group meetings, and I am thrilled that he’s a regular part of the line-up at the Hawkesbury Upton Literature Festival, of which I am founder and director.

I’ve read two of his novels and plan to read every novel he writes, and I also enjoy the social media posts in which he shares his wit and wisdom gained from living and working on every continent except Antarctica (yet he still describes my village in the Cotswolds as being “at the back of beyond”!)

Practising What He Preaches

Before he retired, he had an illustrious career in sales and also wrote guidebooks for salesmen. In short, he’s a chap who knows his stuff and how to sell his ideas to others. He’s also renowned as an outgoing, outspoken chap who is not afraid to voice politically incorrect or unpopular opinions, if they are what he truly believes.

All of this makes for a lively and engaging tutor in the pages of How to Make Money as a Freelance Writer, which he has written to share his experience of making a good living from freelance writing post-retirement, on – get this – just three hours of writing per day, leaving him plenty of time to write his novels (which will always be a less lucrative source of income, although the two I’ve read were very good indeed).

Generous Sharing of His Own Freelance Experience

It is typical of John Lynch to share his knowledge and experience generously, giving a very practical and easy-to-follow guide. His openness with the sources of his work and his methods is also evidence of his statement that there is more than enough work to go around for the right kind of freelance.

While he shows details of how he operates, his book isn’t 100% prescriptive, allowing the reader to adapt what they like and discard what they don’t like. He even includes sections on the kinds of writing he prefers not to do himself on ethical grounds e.g. reviews of products that he doesn’t use, leaving it to the reader to decide what is right for himself or herself.

Everything the Aspiring Freelancer Needs in One Neat Package

I am sure that within this little book, which is a relatively short but densely packed read, there is everything any aspiring writer could need to get a freelance career off the ground – everything except the hard graft, readiness to put in the hours, and the staying power than John Lynch clearly possesses. He leads the horse to an alluring array of water troughs, suggests which are best to drink from and which are best avoided, but ultimately whether the reader chooses to drink, and whether to drink enough to quench their thirst, is entirely down to the reader.

Inspiration Provided – Then It’s Down to the Reader

Personally, I hadn’t been considering freelancing in this way, as I am already overloaded with work I enjoy, predominantly writing fiction (which is never very lucrative for anyone apart from the few famous exceptions), but having read this book and being impressed by the websites that John Lynch suggests, where you can pick and choose your work and specify your own rates, I’m tempted to give it a try. If I do, I’ll set myself a time constraint as John has done (though probably with fewer hours), which strikes me as a great way to ensure that the game is always worth the candle. For John, with his exceptional and flexible writing skills, coupled with a determined and professional attitude, it’s worth far more than candles – more like crystal chandeliers.

Highly recommended for anyone even thinking about seeking an income from freelance writing, and I’m sure it will prove a godsend to many.

More About John Lynch 

Headshot of John Lynch

Photo of John Lynch by Ruth Jenkinson photography

John has a website specifically relating to his freelance work here:

but I’d suggest this general author blog is the best place to find out more about his writing:

If you’d like to try John’s fiction, you might like to read my recent review of one of his contemporary novels here:

Zappa’s Mam’s A Slappa 



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