The Sparkly Sleepy-Time Wand by Catherine Wright Smith

Cover of the Sparkly Sleepy-Time Wand

Will cast a magic spell on little girls who can’t sleep at night

This cute book will delight any little girl who is into magic, fairies, butterflies, rainbows, flowers and pink stuff – so even in these feminist days, that’s most of them, I reckon!

It’s a sweet, simple story, agreeably illustrated in pastel shades by Kim Hinds, about two sisters. The elder, Grace, nurtures the younger one, Evie, travelling with her to a magical fairyland found at the bottom of their garden among the flowers.

An Imaginative Remedy for Sleep Problems

Evie doesn’t sleep well at night until the fairies help her. “Even fairies need to sleep,” Evie hears straight from a fairy’s mouth.

There follows lots of comforting advice to little Evie to help her sleep more easily, including the gift of her own sparkly wand, which then acts a her night-time comforter and brings her sweet dreams and restful nights of sleep.

Added Extras

At the end comes a little spell in poetic form to share at bedtime, and hidden beneath a flap at the back of the book as a nice surprise (the first time you read it, at least) is a pink plastic wand with which the young reader may emulate Evie. (You don’t have to worry about breaking or losing the wand, though – it’s a pretty standard plastic one similar to those you can buy in poundshops everywhere!)

This book would make a great bedtime story for a big sister to read to the little sister, or for parents/carers to read to little girls nervous at bedtime. And there’s even a CD of the story, read by actress Lucy Benjamin, that you could leave on repeat in a little girl’s bedroom if you wanted to.

Charity Bonus

If that’s not enough to love about this book, there’s more: for every copy sold, 50p is donated to Rosie’s Rainbow Fund, a charity that takes music therapy and other support to sick and disabled children in hospital.

I think this multi-faceted book is good value for the RRP of £9.99, and a bargain for the current special offer price on Amazon of £6.37 at the time of writing.

For more information about the book, visit

For more information about Rosie’s Rainbow Fund, visit


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