Time Shifters: Into the Past by Kate Frost

Cover of Time Shifters by Kate Frost

The enticing cover by Rachel Lawston beckons you to begin Kate Frost’s adventure story for children

I was lucky enough to enjoy a sneak preview of this book as a beta reader three years ago, so I was pleased not only to see it published but also to be given a review copy this autumn.

I had remembered the gist of the story – that on a kind of geographical fault line, certain people are able to travel through time – and the vivid sense of time and place wherever the intrepid twelve-year-old trio leapfrog to in history, and I was glad to be reminded of the taut plot, based on their quest to return home to their inadvertent point of departure from the present day at Warwick Castle on a school trip. A long and dangerous journey ensues from Warwick to London, dodging perils and predators on the way.

Well Drawn Character Trio

This is a compelling adventure story bringing to life three key characters, down-to-earth Maisie, petulant bully Lizzie and likeable Danny, as they slowly learn more about the nature of “time-shifting”, aided by some surprising characters along the way (no plot spoilers here!)

It also sets up hope of sequel or series following their further adventures. My imagination is now completely fired up by the suggestion quite late in the book that in the 22nd century, time travel has become big business, controlled by international regulations bucked by rogue travellers.

Great to Enthuse Young Readers about History

I can imagine this book would be welcomed by readers of late primary or early secondary school age, particularly those who are studying any of the periods into which the trio stray, e.g. the Plague of 1665, the Great Fire of London in 1666, and the 1940 Blitz.It should enthuse and inform any child’s interest in history, as well as providing an exciting escapist adventure. I wouldn’t be surprised if it has children clamouring to be taken to Warwick Castle to try to timeshift themselves from Maisie’s starting point, just as we’ve all at some time tentatively touched the back of an old wooden wardrobe, hoping to find our way into Narnia.

Roll on, book two! I want to find where Maisie goes next.

Headshot of Kate Frost

Kate Frost, author of fiction for children and adults

Kate Frost also writes contemporary women’s fiction – find out more about all of her books and writing life at her website, www.kate-frost.co.uk.


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