Bad Company by Shaun Ivory

Cover of Bad Company by Shaun Ivory

Third in a compelling series which isn’t over yet…

Having read the first two books in Shaun Ivory’s America Made Me series, I picked this book up knowing it would be a gripping read to while away a very long journey, in a setting completely different to the Wild West – up the north west English coast to Scotland.

I was immediately engrossed in the next round of our hero’s adventures, which this time take place mainly in two settings – the first when he is riding shotgun (so that’s where the phrase came from!) on a Wild West stagecoach service, and the second in a small western town where he succumbs to the charms of an enterprising woman who, for a little while at least, seems to have tamed our Conor.

As with the previous two books in this series, it is a rollicking ride, revealing a huge amount of historical insight into the era just after the American Civil War, with real characters, events and meticulous but never intrusive or distracting detail woven into Conor’s lively narrative.

This series is a departure for me, because although I have long been a fan of stories of the more ladylike kind (!) about American pioneers such as Laura Ingalls Wilder and Cindy Rinaman Marsch’s  Rosette and Blizzard,  I have never found “westerns” and cowboys particularly interesting, either in books or on film, but the pacy narrative, careful balance of action and reflection, and sheer sense of adventure have got me hooked. Looking forward to seeing where Book 4 will take us…

For more information about Shaun Ivory and his books, visit his website: www.shaun-ivory.comYou might also like to read my reviews of some of his other books:


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