Hampstead Fever by Carol Cooper

cover of Hampstead Fever

An intelligent romp through modern London society

Like Carol Cooper’s first novel, One Night at the Jacaranda (which I reviewed here), this is a down-to-earth fly-on-the-wall story following the love lives of a group of individuals whose paths first crossed at a speed-dating event.

Skilfully Woven Tapestry

Each chapter focuses on an individual, and chararcters weave in and out of each other’s chapters too. Each character is skilfully and subtly drawn, highly believable and very human, and we see them each working their way, often shakily, towards solving their various problems.

Rewarding but Realistic Outcomes

The various conclusions are heartwarming and rewarding without being unrealistic or sentimental. The author’s medical career naturally shapes her storytelling technique into an episodic, one-to-one style, similar to a GP’s consultation process.

Highly Recommended

I therefore prescribe this book to lift anyone’s spirits, wherever they are on their own dating journey – it will not only entertain but also inspire them to realise that whatever their own problems, with determination and self-knowledge they can solve them and live happily ever after.

headshot of Carol CooperFind out more about Carol Cooper via her website www.pillsandpillowtalk.com – I especially recommend her excellent blog. 


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