Review Policy

My book blog, my rules!

  • If you would like to ask me to consider reviewing your book, please send me a detailed message outlining your book, why you think it would appeal to me, and why you think I would be an appropriate person to review it (standard letters that have clearly been sent to lots of other people with no personalisation will be disregarded)
  • I will accept only those I am likely to enjoy (nothing gory or scary)
  • Any print editions of review copies received will be placed in my Little Free Library for others to enjoy once I have finished them, unless I want to keep them to reread or to show other people
  • I only publish reviews for books that I’m happy to recommend (I work on the Thumper principle) – which does not mean they will be 100% praise
  • If I receive a book but feel unable to finish reading it or to give it a positive review, I will not review it
  • If I read a good book that is marred by easy-to-fix errors, I will contact that author personally, provided I find contact details, with a diplomatic, helpful and positive message
  • I cannot guarantee a timescale for my review to appear – books sent for review will be added to my “to-read” box and I will read them in my own good time
  • I may post an abridged version of a review on other sites of my choice, but only if I have time
  • Please remember that to read and review a book takes many hours of my time, for which the market value is very much more than the cover price of a book, so offering me a free copy does not constitute payment in kind for my labours or entitle you to anything other than an honest review
  • Authors may feel free to quote my reviews in their marketing publicity provided they credit my name as “Debbie Young, Author” and provide a link to identify this site as its source
  • I also review books and appraise manuscripts professionally for other parties – any that are in the public domain will be shared as extracts here, with a link to the original source
  • Any contact with me should be done via the contact form on this website, unless you already know me and have my personal email address

Thank you for understanding.